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It seems like old news now, but Texas Democrats continue to protest Texas Senate Bill 1, which they say restricts voter rights. Back on July 12th, Democrats boarded a plane to Washington D.C. in a staged walkout on a special Texas legislative session.

One of those Democrats still up in D.C. recently appeared before the U.S. House of Representatives during a hearing on government issued ID's.

State Rep. Senfronia Thompson was queried by U.S. Representative Nancy Mace and well, the transcript speaks for itself.

MACE: Do y’all need IDs to buy alcohol when you’re purchasing at the store?

THOMPSON: Yes, to be sure that you are capable of doing that.

MACE: Right. Do you need an ID in Texas to buy cigarettes?

THOMPSON: You can’t buy them unless you’re at least 21.

MACE: But do you have to show an ID to buy cigarettes?

THOMPSON: You do have to show an ID.

MACE: Do you need an ID when you’re getting a job and trying to get on payroll in Texas?


MACE: Do you need an ID to go to the pharmacy and get a prescription in Texas?

THOMPSON: It depends on the prescription.

MACE: But do you need an ID for some prescriptions in Texas?

THOMPSON: Yes, you do. Yes.

MACE: Do you need an ID to get social security services in Texas?


MACE: Do you need an ID to rent an apartment in Texas?


MACE: Do you need an ID if you’re gonna buy a house and finance it via a mortgage in Texas?


MACE: Do you need an ID in Texas if you’re gonna board an aircraft and fly commercial?


MACE: Did you fly commercial or fly a private jet on the way to D.C.?

THOMPSON: A chartered plane.

MACE: Do you have to show an ID when you fly on a private charter jet?


MACE: I wouldn’t know, I’ve never flown on one. So, did you need an ID to get into the building here today?


MACE: Do you need an ID in Texas to open a bank account?


When you have nothing to really say and you are not backing up your argument when it comes to ID's restricting voters in the state of Texas, you kind of look like a fool.

You can watch the exchange in the below video.

We want to hear your reaction, your thoughts and your opinion on the above video. Does Thompson look foolish to you? What about the argument by Texas Democrats that requiring voter ID restricts voting? Tell us about your opinion on Facebook or chat with us on our station app.

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