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Picking a name for your baby is one of the biggest decisions you can make. Not only are you picking what your child will called for their entire life, but you're also impacting their image. For example, having a bold name versus a cute name could forever impact the way someone is viewed by others.

Some parents go with a family name to continue the tradition, some pick whatever seems to fit their baby’s personality, and others have a name that they've always loved and want to use for their child. While most parents use those methods to pick their baby’s name, others get a little too creative. Because of too many people trying to give their children strange, offensive or confusing names, there are baby naming laws that have been put in place across the U.S.

There are some names that are banned across all of the US, while each state also has its own laws in place to dictate what names people can and can't use. While many rules make sense, I think some of them are unnecessary and shouldn't be banned.

Take a look below at what names are banned in Texas and see whether or not you agree with the rules.

Baby Names That Are Banned in Texas

These are examples of baby names that are banned in Texas due to US or Texas law.

25 Most Popular Baby Boy names in Texas

These are the 25 most popular baby boy names in Texas as of 2020.

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