Many of us are anticipating the return of Netflix's hit show "Stranger Things." Season three is set for a July 4 release and I cannot wait to see what the kids of Hawkins, Indiana are going to get into this season. With the tagline "One summer can change everything" the trailer will transport you back to 1985 and give you chills.

With the introduction of new characters (hello, Maya Hawk) also comes new marketing. Netflix has teamed up with Coca-Cola to bring back New Coke much to the disdain of many. They've also teamed up with Burger King and Nike to give you more '80s induced nostalgia. All the OG fans know, though, that there's only one thing our Eleven loving heart's desire- Eggo's!

Eggo's are Eleven's favorite and received a boost in sales when the first season came out, and now with the return of season three, everyone is getting ready to binge watch and binge on some waffles. Eggo saw this opportunity and decided to have some fun. Earlier this week, Eggo's official Twitter tweeted out a photo of a billboard with the caption "Strange Things are coming." The photo stated that it was taken in Hawkins, Idaho. No big deal, until this one popped up on my feed:

(For those who don't know, Hawkins, Indiana is where the show takes place.)

What could this mean? Will the demogorgon make an appearance in Texas? Probably not. Could this just be a marketing ploy to get us to buy waffles and to watch "Stranger Things"? That's more likely, either way, I'm super excited to return to Hawkins, Indiana and to go back to 1985.

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