If you never watched Smallville, you weren't missing a ton. It was a decent show telling the story of how Clark Kent becomes Superman. Anytime I'd watch the show I would always catch myself saying "When is he going to fly?!"

Apparently behind the scenes, there was quite a dramatic story happening that is just now seeing the light of day. Allison Mack played Chloe Sullivan in the show, and played quite a big role in a sex cult.

Yeah, a sex cult. The kind of thing you don't believe actually exists until it makes major news.  The name of the group is NXIVM, pronounced "nexium." A couple other names that have popped up for the group are DOS or the "Vow." The group was disguised as a women's empowerment group. However, Mack would take compromising photos of the women and record them confessing to prior crimes in order to prevent them from leaving.

The leader of the group is said to be Kevin Raniere, who was arrested back in March. Under his instruction, the women in the group would be sleep deprived and starved to the point their menstrual cycles would stop. He would also brand the women's pelvic area.

Mack faces 15 years to life in prison after being charged with facilitating a self-help cult in which women were branded and coerced into sex. As far as others from the show Smallville? Kristen Kreuk released a statement talking about her involvement with NXIVM. While admitting she was a member of the group, she denies that she was a member of the group's "inner circle" and never recruited women to become sex slaves.


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