We love all the frights and chills we get this time of the year and Haunted Houses are always a fun treat! But which one is the scariest in New Mexico? Halloween is almost here and people love to get thrills and chills from scary movies to local haunted houses. But some haunted houses are scarier than others. It makes you wonder what haunted houses are the scariest in the country, and if you'd be able to handle the horror. A list was released of all the scariest haunted houses in the country and there are some terrifying places you have to see.The scariest haunted house in Texas is all the way in Beaumont but luckily the scariest haunted house in New Mexico is only a few hours away. The Slaughterhouse in Rio Rancho was named the scariest in the state. Here's what they had to say about this haunted house:

"At Slaughterhouse, visitors will be taken through the home of a demented sadomasochistic couple and will meet the children trying to survive there. Some of them are so hungry they may try to feed off visitors. The house boasts being so scary that 67% of visitors will forfeit and leave early."

The Slaughterhouse has been around since 2012 and a whopping 192 people weren't able to finish the haunted house in one night! The Slaughterhouse will be open for the entire week and weekend, so you still have time to go up there and check it out for yourself. The Slaughterhouse is located at the Cottonwood Mall, at 10000 Coors Boulevard in Albuquerque. Hours vary day by day so check out the calendar for specific hours. Tickets range from $20 to $50.

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