Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah you've heard it all before, but The Offspring just dropped an audio tease featuring Dexter Holland and Noodles confirming that their long-awaited new album is done and that they have all the details in place to release it.

With their humor on full display, The Offspring posted a social media tease with a graphic that mirrors that of the Bat Signal, but with The Offspring logo projected into the night sky. Meanwhile audio of a discussion between Dexter Holland and Noodles plays over it in which the pair reveal the news fans have long been waiting for.

"I think we should tell them we're putting out a record," says Holland, adding, "This is true, this is true. I know you've said it a lot ... but it's different this time cause it's done. It's finished. It's in the can as they say. We've got songs. We've got titles. We got a label. We've got an album title. We've got artwork. It's ready to go."

The pair hinted that they actually do have a release date now for the album and that a single would arrive before the album drops, but stopped short of confirming any additional info until their label is ready to announce it. Check out the tease below:

Back in 2015, The Offspring released the single "Coming for You" which led many to suspect that new music was en route. A month later, Holland suggested that they were "halfway through" writing songs for a new record. Guitarist Noodles starting talking up a possible release for as soon as 2016 and at one point it looked promising for a 2018 return. But by 2018, Noodles floated the idea of there potentially being two albums in the works.

However, the band underwent a lineup change that ended up in legal action with bassist Greg K. and the pandemic arrived wiping out any 2020 release possibilities. The Offspring kept fans entertained last year with covers of "Here Kitty Kitty" and "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)," but it looks like now the band will finally release their first full album since 2012's Days Go By effort. Keep an eye out for additional details coming soon.

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