Adam "The One True Batman" West passed away on Friday at the age of 88. Adam West is beloved by many generations of Batman fans. And he's always been genuinely appreciative of his fans. A true gentleman. He will be sorely missed.

You may not know this, but Adam West continued to appear as Batman for years after the show was cancelled.

Like in the following clip from 1976 when he appeared on local wrestling in Memphis to promote a car show that both he and Jerry "The King" Lawler would be appearing. Either he wasn't allowed to wear the actual costume or he had long outgrown the original suit from eating too many Bat-snacks. One of those has to explain why he's wearing a warm-up suit. Oh, also he's about halfway in the bag which explains his slightly slurred speech and his willingness to mix D.C. and Marvel references. Enjoy this video. It's a classic.

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