Fans were saddened when it was revealed that The Dillinger Escape Plan planned to break up despite the release of their recent release Dissociation. The band is no stranger to New York City area, having ripped through Webster Hall in Manhattan and Rough Trade in Brooklyn within recent months. For their last New York show on this trek, fans packed into the Paramount on Long Island for a memorable night.

The madness began with “Limerent Death” off of the new album. Within the first 10 minutes of the set guitarist Ben Weinman leaped into the crowd. Other new material that filled the venue included “Symptom of Terminal Illness,” “Surrogate,” “Low Feels Blvd” and “Nothing to Forget.”

Fans crowdsurfed and moshed nonstop throughout the night. With every song the energy heightened and a sweat-soaked frontman Greg Puciato unleashed the melodic and unforgiving tunes “One of Us Is the Killer” and “Black Bubblegum” in addition to other frenzied favorites “Panasonic Youth,” “Milk Lizard” and “Prancer.”

There was no defecating onstage, jumping off of balconies or fans storming the stage at the end, but here was passion and wrath and that’s all that was needed. The night ended with an encore that included “Mouth of Ghosts,” “Sunshine the Werewolf” and ended on and explosive note with “43% Burnt” off of their 1999 debut album Calculating Infinity. Fans will already be calculating when they can expect a reunion show. The band wanted to go out while they were still on top, but as a live act they are in a league of their own.

Some members of Dillinger won’t be taking a break from music, Puciato is also a part of The Black Queen (With Joshua Eustis of Nine Inch Nails and Puscifer) and Killer Be Killed (Including Max Cavalera along with musicians from Mars Volta and Mastodon.) Weinman is part of Giraffe Tongue Orchestra (featuring members of Alice in Chains, Mastodon, The Mars Volta and Dethklok.)

Opening up for Dillinger is probably one of the tougher jobs as a band because their energy is unmatched. O'Brother, hailing from Atlanta, Ga., took the stage beforehand and were the calm before the storm. The hometown boys of Car Bomb, who recently played with Gojira in New York City, also served as support and Utah metal act Cult Leader battered ear drums to start off the night.

Check out photos in our gallery above, of The Dillinger Escape Plan, O'Brother, Car Bomb and Cult Leader performing in Long Island.

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