In this episode of The After Buzz:

  • I take a stroll down memory lane as I remember Odyssey of the Mind when I was in 8th grade. Yes, it is just a nerdy as it sounds and it was great.
    • I also talk about the Serfs and Tsars lesson we had in 6th grade. There's no way this lesson would fly today, but I'd be all for it, as long as it was taught properly.
  • I also go on a really weird tangent talking about this crazy dream I had the previous night. If you haven't heard the conversation we've had on the MoSho about weighted blankets, well, they create super vivid dreams. And I had one the night before this After Buzz, and it was more of a nightmare.
    • Update on that dream BTW, I wasn't able to get back to that dream last night and defeat the demon. I'll try again tonight.


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