This week on The After Buzz Brandon talks about:

  • Michael Irvin literally stabbing a teammate in the neck with a pair of scissors and why in the Hell this story isn't as well known as it should be. Does Irvin get a pass because he cried during his Hall of Fame induction speech?
  • Umbrella Academy and how it was kind of blah. Not terrible, but wasn't really all that great.
  • The Ted Bundy documentary on Netflix though is awesome and you should watch it if you haven't yet.
  • That led me to watching Mindhunter which was amazing. You just have to get through the first episode. Once they get to interviewing the serial killers, it gets really, really good.
  • I also recount my Metallica Day Miracle story. At least some of it. I don't want to completely ruin it because I'm going to tell the whole story on an upcoming episode of Rockstar 101. So if you want the whole story, make sure you go subscribe to the Rockstar 101 podcast. You can do that HERE.

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