This week on The After Buzz:

  • Producer Dave is back!
  • I had a doctor appointment about my shoulder and I can finally start working it out. Sort of. Just have to take it slow, but the doc did say I can get back in the gym and boxing in 2 weeks.
  • The show Luther, with Idris Elba is AWESOME! And there was a death in that show that really hits hard. I won't give it away now, but coming up on April 1st, Luther leaves Netflix. So at that point I might talk about the death.
  • Being at a live sporting event has been in the news recently because of fan interactions with James Dolan, owner of the Knicks, and Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder. So Producer Dave and I talk about some stories that we have from being at live sporting events.
  • And finally, I wrap up talking about my buddy Cazzey from high school who has become one of those "that guy" actors. He's in a ton of things, and you probably would recognize who he is because chances are you've seen him in something.

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