It's the first After Buzz of 2020! Here's what we're talking about:

  • The whole MoSho is sick and I'm trying to fend off the sickness by walking around the office with Lysol wipes in my hands at all times
  • I cover some of the stuff I'm watching like The Movies That Made Us, and The Toys That Made Us, and Imagineering.
  • The wife and I have a bet going. We got all our measurements taken like BMI, body fat, etc. We came up with a point system and whoever has the most points by the beginning of March wins.
  • Liberals and conservatives are the exact same people, they just don't realize it. Seriously, most people aren't paying attention to what is actually being said, just who says it. It's time to take names out of what's being said listen to the message.
  • And I talk some football. Yes, I knew the Patriots were going to lose to the Titans and I won another fantasy football title. Which means next year is going to suck for fantasy football.

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