It's a jam packed episode of The After Buzz. Here is what we talk about:

  • TV shows I'm watching and the lack of time I have to really watch everything I want to.
  • Sweet Lucy is still in quarantine from the other dogs, but that will hopefully end later this week.
  • I totally saw a deer get pasted by a car on my way home from work earlier in the week and it was horrifically traumatizing.
  • Last weekend a guy in front of me was having car issues, so I hopped out to help him push. If you see someone going through this, please do the same. I've been the one with the busted car. It sucks!
  • Pictures of the Jimmy John's guy resurfaced again of him hunting big game over in Africa, including an elephant. The pictures are from 1983! Nothing new. But people are so quick to get butthurt and overreact to things, they don't want to actually look into the story.
    • Oh, and I go off on PETA and some old hippy guy at a festival I was at a few years ago. I'm all for the environment and helping animals, but some people need to work on their approach.
  • And finally, I talk about Governor Greg Abbott. It amazes how people are so quick to make a judgement without getting the whole story.
    • If I post a pro-Abbott story, the right loves it and the left hates it.
    • If I post an anti-Abbott story, the left loves it and right hates it.
    • All this does is show your lack of ability to look at each individual situation for what it is. You don't want to put any thought into it, so you have to cover everything under the same umbrella. Congrats, you aren't educated. You are simply a part of the problem.

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