If you've watched any of our live Dungeons and Dragons sessions, you recognize this week's guest. That is Dungeon Master extraordinaire, Justin.

After our last D&D session, Justin and I talked about creating my own character. One that I could play anytime we head out to Military Gamer Supply. But it's been a struggle. He's guiding me through this as best he can, but ultimately I just keep getting stuck. I'll see one class of character that looks cool, and I think I'm set. Then I'll read the next one and want that.

Justin was here to help with that yesterday. We locked in on the fact that I should go with a wizard. And while that might seem simple and not a big deal. It is a big deal to me because I can now start moving forward where I wasn't able to before.

If you've ever wanted to learn D&D before, this is the After Buzz for you.


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