On this week's After Buzz, we cover:

  • The Super Bowl
    • Duh, I'm a Pats fan, of course we're talking about it.
    • No, the game didn't suck. It might have been boring. But the teams didn't suck just because the defenses played well.
    • I do a lot of weird crap during Pats games.
    • This 11 and 5 Pats team, I thought was one of the worst teams under Bill Belichick. But the fact they went through the Chargers, Chiefs, and Rams, all great teams, to win the Super Bowl, says a lot about them.
  • Rockstar 101
    • The cat is out of the bag and episode 1 is up for Rockstar 101.
    • I talk about how Shim and I met, and what led to Rockstar 101 becoming a reality.

Rockstar 101 is not up on all podcast platforms. Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, you name it. It's there. CLICK HERE to check out the podcast and find a link to your favorite podcast player. Or just go to your favorite podcast player and search ROCKSTAR 101.

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