A lot of people jumping into the After Buzz late yesterday and wondering why it was already over. Well, I'm going to start shortening The After Buzz because we're going to be working on more shows that are more topic specific.

We still talked about a lot yesterday, like:

  • Joanna almost dropping an F bomb on the air because she's so upset about the 'widow-maker' the kind of heart attack that killed Jack Pearson on This Is Us.
  • I talk about the Glitch Gaming Center video we're working on where we learn that Joanna is hilarious and Lisa doesn't know how to open a door.
  • I recommend a show I've been watching on Hulu called Brockmire. It started as a Funny or Die skit.
  • And not they've turned it into a hilarious show about Brockmire and his return to the booth.



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