It was an early After Buzz this week because well, I got stuff I gotta do today. But anyway, here's what we talked about:

  • The new season of NFL Hard Knocks has begun and the Cleveland Browns GM is super awkward and weird. He hasn't been with the team very long, but his screen time always feels like an eternity because he's just so awkward.
  • Almost Famous was brought up on the MoSho earlier in the day and I talk about how unsettling that movie is now since they never quite address how old the girls are in it? I mean, just look at what the norm was back in the day and you'll know what I'm saying.
  • I tell some Korn stories, including some concert stories and even a drunken party story.
  • And of course crazy injuries had to be brought up since Buzz broke his foot after taking dog sedatives. Yup, you read that right. Dog sedatives.

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