See the picture and you decide, was this woman the Twitter win of the day or was this a Twitter troll? One "Lazy Millenial" showed her distaste for Senator Cruz by posing for a photo with him and displaying a message on her lanyard. A Twitter user identified as Rebecca explained in her Twitter feed that she saw the Senator on a flight from Washington to Austin and took the chance to take a picture with the Senator with a special message directed right at him. After Cruz agreed to a photo with the woman, she opened her jacket to reveal the lanyard and the written message.

Rebecca received many messages of support for her actions and the photo she took with Senator Cruz, but also received critics. One woman wrote, "You could've learned a thing or two from this man, like what God-given rights mean, and what happens to a society when those rights are gone." Another person wrote, "1. I don't like Ted Cruz. 2. I don't like what you did to him here. It's rude, dishonest and accomplishes nothing. There are so many of us in the middle who are just trying to connect with fellow decent human beings and right now Senator Cruz is the far better person in this pic." The millennial explained her reasoning behind the photo after receiving the backlash stating:

Senator Cruz is up for re-election in November and will be facing Democratic Representative Beto O'Rouke from El Paso.

Source: Twitter

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