There's been a wedding trend going around TikTok that involves pranking the groom during the first look and it's absolutely hilarious.

Texas wedding videographer Ryan Chipman shared one of these pranks that he filmed to his professional TikTok account. In only a month, the video has gained over 3 million views and 710,000 likes.

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The prank takes place when the typical first look would happen. They line up the groom with his back turned to where the bride will be coming from. Then, the bride would typically come out, tap their significant other on the shoulder and he would turn around, seeing his beautiful bride in her wedding dress for the first time.

However, rather than seeing his beautiful bride standing there, he sees one of his best friends dressed in a wedding gown.

The reactions are pretty priceless as you see the nervous energy disappear with a fit of laughter. The prank Chipman filmed took it a step further than just the surprise of a man in a dress. The friend also had a Smirnoff Ice between what would be cleavage. When the groom turned around, his buddy pulled the drink out of the dress, handed it to him and made him chug it on the spot.

I’m usually not one for pranks, but I think this one is really fun. It's usually a great way to relax the groom and dispel all of those nerves before actually seeing his soon-to-be wife.

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