Governor Greg Abbott had his press conference yesterday and officially announced Phase 2 will be happening.

More businesses across the state will be able to open at some capacity.

This means some form of normalcy can return and build in our communities.

I am very happy to announce one of my favorite places will be allowed to re-open, bowling alleys. One of the few sports i'm good at.

Now there was a 2 part process to openings. Half opened Monday May 18, the day of the press conference, the rest will open Friday May 22.

Those already allowed to open include:

-Massage Parlors/Beauty salons, Tattoo parlors, other licensed personnel.

-25% of your workforce can return to office buildings.

-Certified childcare centers

-Youth clubs such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, FFA, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club and Girls Inc., may hold meetings. However the meetings cannot exceed 10 people.

Now, starting this Friday, a lot of facilities are allowed to open, or open more.

-Restaurants can open their dining rooms to 50%

-Bars/wine tastings/ craft breweries can open to 25% capacity (not sure who's counting that, too much math)

-Bingo Halls can open to 25% (tell your grandma)

-Rodeos can happen but no more than 25% total capacity

-Equestrian events can also happen, but same as rodeos, 25% capacity

-Skating rinks are able to open as well with the magic number of 25% capacity

-Zoos, aquariums, and natural cavers can open up at.... you guessed it, 100% capacity. Just kidding, it's 25.

I'm just excited for bowling.

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