The State Supreme Court has sided with the El Paso family accused of not teaching their kids because they were waiting to "be raptured".

The family began home-schooling their 9 children at their motorcycle dealership over a decade ago. The authorities were alerted when a relative told them he never saw the kids studying math or reading or anything educational. It's the relative who said he heard one of the children say they didn't need to learn because "they were going to be raptured" anyway.

The EPISD asked the parents to provide some prove that the children were being educated properly. The family's response? They sued the school district. The case eventually made it to the Texas Supreme Court where justices sided 6-3 in favor of the family.

According to some of our listeners the family owns, in addition to the motorcycle dealership, a gun shop with and indoor gun range and concealed handgun classes. Because, if you're a family that home-schools your nine children while possibly not teaching them because the rapture's a-comin' and they won't need any fancy book learnin' only stands to reason they also own a gun shop where Chuck Norris comes to campaign for Greg Abbott for governor (see photos below).