Life is weird. Heck, life is pretty darn confusing. But we all can pretty much figure it out.

Until you come across something like this...

Amidst the COVID panic, businesses had to shutter their doors, deep clean the entire place, and put in new health regulations.

The American people could not really do anything but stay in our homes and pray it would end soon.

When we were first let out into the world again, we saw many people wearing masks, heck, we're still seeing people wearing masks.

It is at the point where many businesses are requiring customers to wear masks or they will not be allowed in.

The sensible side of me gets that, i'll admit it is a bit annoying, but it is understandable.

But that brings us to Elgin Texas. More specifically, a bar called the Liberty Tree Tavern.

The owner, Kevin Smith went the opposite direction with the bans.

Instead of banning people NOT wearing masks, he banned the people wearing them.

Patrons came to the bar for the first time last week and read a sign on the door that read:

“Sorry, no mask allowed, please bare with us thru the ridiculous fearful times.”

Yeah. my head is doing flips.

He even did an interview with the Washington Post where he said:

“If we’re only allowed to be at 25 percent capacity, I want them to be the 25 percent of people that aren’t p-----, that aren’t sheep,” Smith told The Washington Post. “Being scared all the time isn’t good for your health. It suppresses your immune system.”

While I understand where he is coming from. I believe he is taking it to a completely different extreme.

Numbers in Texas have been rising due to COVID-19, but he believes we should not be living in fear.

Get all the details on Smith's reasoning, here.

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