Last week, the 10th anniversary edition of Stone Sour's Come What(Ever) May was released, and it includes the original album along with bonus material such as b-sides, rarities and acoustic recordings. Now, the band has made numerous tracks from the album available on their YouTube channel.

Check out their rendition of the classic Rolling Stones song "Wild Horses" above. You can listen to a few more of the bonus tracks as well, with links to "Suffer," "Fruitcake" and "Freeze Dry Seal" below. You can check out all the available songs including live acoustic versions of "Through Glass" and "Wicked Games" here.

The band's last studio album was 2013's House of Gold & Bones Part 2, and they released a couple of cover EPs last year. They are working on new material, and in a recent chat with Loudwire, drummer Roy Mayorga and guitarist Christian Martucci talked about what's coming up.

"Honestly, it hasn’t really been a thought out process on what we’re going to come out with and what we’re going to sound like, but it has just come together very organic, very naturally, Mayorga says. "It’s not like this or like that, it’s a whole new animal now."

Martucci adds, "I’m definitely excited for people to see what we’ve been up to. We’ve got a lot of cool stuff."

Stone Sour - "Suffer"

Stone Sour - "Fruitcake"

Stone Sour - "Freeze Dry Seal"

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