Sonrisas Trails proudly presents to San Angelo and the surrounding communities their new Challenge Course Program, ready to take on any group, family, sports team or work team!

This program offers adventure-based leadership and team building opportunities and is designed to help groups work on effective communication, leadership, goal setting, conflict resolution, trust, cohesiveness and group development.

The course is made up of low and high elements which include a ropes course, rock wall, giant swing, zip line and more. This program can be completely customized between groups and designed off of what the groups’ needs, wants and goals are. You can make it a day of soul searching with your team or just have a fun day out on the course.

Below is an overview of the course which includes:

- 10 Element Team Building Low Ropes Course
- Climbing Wall
- Giant Swing
- 2-Level Team Building Adventure Course
- Zip Line

For more information about the Challenge Course program, go to their website at, or check out their Facebook page as well as Instagram @sonrisasriding.

You are also invited to contact Corinna Mendez, Challenge Course Manager directly at or call 325-949-4837.

Sonrisas provides therapy to persons with physical, emotional, and mental challenges through a carefully structured program of mainly equine activities.

This new Challenge Course Program is sure to be an awesome addition to the services they offer!

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