Was your bracket busted? Or did you pick most of the favorites to make the sweet 16? Either way, there is someone out there that has a better bracket than you do.

It's a bracket that was filled out by someone who goes by the screen name "Center Road" over at NCAA.com. You can find the bracket BY CLICKING HERE.

Now, let's go over just how amazing it is this person has done this. What are the odds of having a perfect bracket this far into the tournament? 1-in-281,474,976,710,656. Yup, that's a big a** number.

Center Road doesn't have any upsets in the Sweet 16 as well. That would mean every number 1 and number 2 seed would advance to the Elite 8. How likely is that? Well, it's never happened since the tournament expanded to 64 teams back in 1985.

Prior to this bracket, according to the NCAA the furthest someone had a perfect bracket was through 39 games.


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