The El Paso Police Department has been featured on Live PD on A&E. If you haven't seen the show, here are some of the best and worst moments for us on the show.

A Little Meth, A Little Protein

This woman tried to tell the cops that even though she smokes meth, she still tries to stay healthy by eating right and working out. I'm pretty sure the smoking meth part still cancels everything else out.

The Concerned Granddaughter

The officers in this video knew the suspects were inside the home and told them to open the door and the people said no. Good plan, not like the cops can't just break the door down anyways, especially since they did have a warrant. After arguing with the police about not wanting to open the door, and the police bringing up the health of the elderly woman in the home, the girl sobs at the end telling her grandmother that she'll be back to take care of her. She should have just opened the door and not scared her grandmother by having a bunch of cops rush into her home with guns pointed at the elderly woman.

The Skinny Jeans Runner

When running from the cops, make sure you are in the appropriate attire. Also, it's a bad idea to run from the cops at all but if you plan on doing it, don't be rocking your sister's skinny jeans or even super baggy pants. You're restricted in your movements and probably can't jump a wall if necessary later on in the chase. In this guy's case, he tripped not even half a house away and the poor guy ended up with a whole lot of Officer McKinney on top of him. But then again, if he just would have not ran from the cops, it would have never happened.

The Honest, Former Criminal

This is probably my favorite person I've seen on the show and I'm proud he's from El Paso. A man who had a rough past, who turned his life around and has raised two good kids and just wants the best for them. He's an example that no matter where you came from or what you did, you can change. Plus, he gives the credit to his wife for everything that she has done. This is a great video.

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