The stage is the place for performers, while the seats or floor is the place for the audience, and while on occasion crowd members attempt to break the plane, it's not always welcome. One Smashing Pumpkins fan found that out during a recent performance at Memphis's Orpheum in which one commanding remark from Billy Corgan took the wind out of the sails of the stage crasher and led to an eruption of cheers from the audience.

During a performance of the Rolling Stones classic "Angie" (around :50 into the fan shot video above), an audience member hops up onstage right next to Corgan and bobs his head along to the groove, but Corgan is having none of it. He doesn't even turn to acknowledge the guy, has a priceless look on his face and stops the song to forcefully state while still not even glancing at the guy, "Get the f--k off my stage before I punch you in the f--king face."

The guy's response is almost equally as priceless, as he shrugs and then meekly returns to the audience. During this exchange, drummer Jimmy Chamberlin kept the beat going and the band picked right up where they left off in the song, with Corgan flashing the horns to the crowd as they cheered his succinct action. The group finished the song, adding their own bluesy flare to the classic and never even addressed the guy who interrupted the show.

So if there was ever any doubt of if Corgan welcomes stage crashers, this should settle things. Otherwise, Corgan might have to call in reinforcements.

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