Slipknot teased something called "Knotverse" on their social media Friday (April 8), but say it's "probably nothing..."

The band shared a short clip on their Twitter featuring text that reads "Knotfest" glitching and turning into the phrase "Knotverse." The clip is soundtracked by the iconic sample at the core of their 1999 track "742617000027."

The sample is of a woman saying "The whole thing, I think it's sick" while her voice is sped up, slowed down and changed in pitch.

The sample comes from the 1973 documentary Manson, which focuses on the Charles Manson family killings and their cultural impact. The line is spoken by Corey Hurst, former cellmate of Manson family member Susan Atkins.

But what does this all mean? Could they be teasing a virtual Knotfest?

The same day, the Sandbox shared a similar clip on their Twitter account with the same caption, "probably nothing..."

According to their website, the Sandbox is "a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel ASSETS and gaming experiences on the blockchain." Basically, it's a virtual world where you can buy and sell virtual land and also play video games.

The Sandbox's partners include Snoop Dogg, Adidas, Avenged Sevenfold — even the Smurfs. 

The comments under Slipknot's post seem to have mixed reviews of the band's potential move into the NFT world. One user commented, "Why wouldn't they enter the NFT space? It's the now, the next, the future. Imagine saying please don't switch from cassette tapes to CD's, or CD's to MP3's, or MP3's to stream... Progress is a good thing. Don't be afraid of the Blockchain it's more $ beneficial than you realize." On the other hand, another user said, "Great, thanks for falling for the grift and telling me I need to find a new main band to like."

What do you think about Slipknot potentially entering the metaverse? Comment below!

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