Here's a new one for you: miniature drum kits. They look like collectibles but at least on YouTube user has the skill set to cover rock and metal songs on these things and did just that by tackling Slipknot's "Psychosocial." Oh, and it was done inside a refrigerator.

At least as far as the drumming is concerned, the All Hope Is Gone track is one of the 'Knot's most straight forward tracks, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's easy to replicate it on a small kit sitting in front of some bottles of booze.

The drummer uses two thin, long sticks to tap away at the pounding Slipknot anthem and it takes a lot of delicate finesse to navigate Joey Jordison's complex drum fills and rapid snare rolls. Not surprisingly, the only thing absent here is the kick drum as there's natural limitations to this bite-sized setup.

This video is the YouTuber's first foray into playing inside a fridge. There's just five total uploads on the channel at the time this post was written with the other four covers all being played atop a toilet. We're just going to convince ourselves that decision was made purely on the acoustics of the bathroom.

Anyway, the mini drum toilet covers consist of System of a Down's "Toxicity," Foo Fighters' "The Pretender," Twenty One Pilots' "Stressed Out" and Green Day's "Holiday." Watch more here.

If you want to see Jay Weinberg play Slipknot songs on an actual drum kit on a stage and not inside a fridge or on top of a toilet, see if they're playing near you and grab your ticket here.

Slipknot, "Psychosocial" Played on Mini Drums

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