Choices, Choices! As a metalhead, it looks as though you've got plenty of options for Halloween costumes this year and you can now make sure your Slipknot look is complete with the release of new licensed Slipknot jumpsuits.

Those who've seen Slipknot know that the jumpsuits are every bit as iconic as the band's masks that they wear onstage and now you can fulfill your goals of replicating that Slipknot look with these replica jumpsuits from, which you can view above.

These officially licensed jumpsuits are 83 percent polyester, 17 percent cotton with a front zipper There's a printed bar code applique sewn on the chest with the tribal "S" sewn on the shoulder. The back of the jumpsuit comes with the printed goat start applique, and there are heat transfer decals with 2 tribal "S" letters and six different band member numbers. To get your jumpsuit, you can place your order here.

And the same company also has a variety of Slipknot masks helping to ensure that you can enjoy some (sic)(sic) trick or treating. They appear to be out of the drummer mask, but there are plenty of other options for the discerning Slipknot fan. So check out the variety of masks here.

The great thing about metal over the years has been the dedication to imagery, and even if Slipknot is not your thing, we recently posted about the new Megadeth Vic Rattlehead masks that are now available. There is a wide variety of bands, mascots and imagery to choose from allowing fans of the genre to celebrate Halloween year round if they wanted to.

With Halloween just a few weeks away, it's time to get those orders in to make sure you're ready to rock the holiday.

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