It looks like the next Sleeping With Sirens record has been completed. Lead singer Kellin Quinn dropped the clue Sunday (April 28) via Twitter, the vocalist showing his excitement in the finished product and teasing fans with its advance. See the message below.

The imminent album — which will be the first new Sleeping With Sirens material since 2017's Gossip and that season's attendant Christmas single from the band, "Christmas on the Road" — was previously tagged as a return to form for the metalcore bashers turned pop-rockers.

"I listened to our new album all the way through," the singer stated through the social media service before issuing an excited expletive while prepping fans for the upcoming effort. "And fuck! I'm so excited to show all of you!"

It all lines up after Quinn's update in March revealed that Sleeping With Sirens drummer Gabe Barham was nearly finished tracking his drums parts. At that juncture, all "guitars, bass and vocals" were completed, the singer said.

Last December, it was revealed by an inside source who had heard some of the new music that what had been done was "really good and really heavy," which is something the band members themselves also alluded to.

In January, bassist Justin Hills told Rocksound TV during a chat, "I'm most excited for the new Sleeping With Sirens record next year because we went back to our roots. We wrote the record everyone wanted to hear and the record we wanted to play. It’s heavy, it’s angsty, it’s in your face rock and roll. Most importantly I can’t wait to play it live."

No release date or album title have yet been revealed.

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