The spirit of collaboration is alive and well for Disturbed. As they've displayed during their touring, Disturbed have been open to welcoming special guests during their set and the band's performance at Hellfest in France was no different. The group welcomed the members of Sixx: A.M. and recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee -- onetime Deep Purple musician Glenn Hughes.

The love between Sixx: A.M. and Disturbed has been on display a few times already this year, with Sixx: A.M.'s James Michael and Nikki Sixx guesting on Disturbed's covers medley and Disturbed drummer Mike Wengren sitting in on one of Sixx: A.M.'s sets. But while the covers medley has been the most traditional spot for special guests in Disturbed's sets, David Draiman brought out James Michael, Nikki Sixx and DJ Ashba for something unexpected. The trio joined Disturbed in rocking out the Motley Crue classic "Shout at the Devil" for the crowd.

That was immediately followed by the abbreviated covers medley in Disturbed's set list, with Sixx: A.M. clearing out and vocalist Glenn Hughes joining Disturbed on The Who's "Baba O'Riley." The power of Hughes' voice stands up as he traded lines with David Draiman during the performance. Watch it all play out in the footage from Hellfest posted above.

Look for Disturbed continuing to tour through the majority of 2016. Their dates can be found here.

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