Let's say for a second that you're NOT a Trump supporter. Let's further say, for sake of argument, that you find his comments about Mexicans and his suggestion that we should build a giant wall odious and offensive. As a further wrinkle, let's say you're a Mexican-American with family from and still IN Mexico.

How would you feel, under those conditions, if you saw someone wearing a "MAGA" or a "Trump is MY President" shirt out celebrating at a Cinco de Mayo party?

Let's pro and con this for a minute, the "con" position being that Trump supporters should not be allowed to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

CON: You Trump people don't want Mexicans here. Why should you get to celebrate Mexican culture?

PRO: See, that's what you libs will never understand. We don't have anything against Mexicans or Mexican culture. We don't even have anything against Mexicans coming to this country. It's ILLEGAL immigration we're against and that's why we need the wall.

CON: Your guy called Mexicans murderers and rapists. If you support somebody that obviously racist, you have no business celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

PRO: Whoa, whoa whoa...Donald Trump also said some Mexicans are good people.

CON: He said he assumed some Mexicans were good people. So he KNOWS Mexicans are murderers and rapists but only ASSUMES that some of them are good people? That's pretty racist!

PRO: Well...he was talking about illegal Mexicans.

CON: Still racist.

PRO: Oh, yeah? Well, what if I told you (my spouse/ some of my best friends/I!) were/am Mexican? How could I be racist against Mexicans then?

CON: I didn't say you were racist. I said you support a racist. Which, face it, is a pretty racist thing to do.

You can see how this is going to devolve. I'll just leave it right here and you can pick up where I left off in the comments section. Be nice!

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