When Shinedown hit the stage again, they'll do so minus a longtime familiar face. Drummer Barry Kerch, who along with Brent Smith has been with the band since their first record, will sit out some shows after revealing he recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Kerch posted an Instagram video explaining the situation, revealing that while he got vaccinated back in April, he has still contracted a breakthrough infection of COVID-19 and will continue to quarantine, returning only after he tests negative.

"In the 20 years of Shinedown, I have never missed a show — until now," started Kerch, adding, "I regret to say that I, unfortunately, during rehearsals, contracted COVID. And before you get all crazy on me, I got fully vaxxed in April. I followed all the rules — wore masks, washed my hands, et cetera."

He adds, "Unfortunately, I'm one of those ones that got it even though I was vaxxed. So, unfortunately, I'm still testing positive. I'm quarantined. My health is good, which is good news. I've had symptoms, but I'm okay, and I will be okay. But until I finish my quarantine and test's negative, I'm stuck in these four walls. I can't risk it for my band and my crew; they're all doing fine."

Within the chat, Kerch revealed that Sixx: A.M. and Bleeker Ridge drummer Dustin Steinke will handle drumming duties for the band on their tour until he's able to return. "He's gonna kick ass, and the band's gonna kick ass. And I'm happy that the shows can continue on," says Kerch. "And as soon as I'm healthy and able, I'll get back out there. So that's the news, folks. Till next time."

Among those commenting and sending best wishes to Kerch on his Instagram post was P.O.D.'s Marcos Curiel, who also revealed he too had tested positive after being vaccinated.

"To a speedy recovery. Glad to hear you’re fine. I’m fully vaccinated and I still got it," stated Curiel. "One of the biggest misconceptions is, some people seem to believe that since you’ve been vaccinated that you can’t contract the virus. Now anyone with a brain or common sense knows that, that’s not the case."

He added, "What it does do is, it causes effects to be lil to none. Less harsh. I know this to be true personally. In my family circle, I got COVID and since I was vaccinated I literally only had the sniffles. On the other end. My son's mom, who was antiVaxx - which is her right, was laid out, bedridden for close to two weeks. She thought she was gonna die. So, with that being said. I applaud your decision @bkerchofficial and have nothing but mad respect for you. #godspeed #godbless"

Shinedown are currently touring, with a show scheduled for this evening at the Mississippi Valley Fair in Davenport, Iowa. There is a break coming up in the schedule and it's not known yet if Kerch will be able to return before the August dates wrap on Aug. 14 in Sioux City, Iowa. Their touring will resume on Sept. 6 after taking a few weeks off. See all of the group's scheduled dates here.

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