After that stunning teaser came out in early August for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, we haven’t heard much more about the movie, aside from its prospective early showings in 35mm and 70mm formats. It’s kinda nice not knowing that much about a movie before it premieres (aside from the fact that we all kinda know pretty much how Dunkirk went). But fans of both Nolan and Star Wars are getting an early Christmas present this year: apparently many outlets have heard that a whole seven minutes of Nolan’s new film will be screened before Rogue One, only in IMAX 70mm theaters.

/Film seems to have the scoop on all the buzz: earlier today, rumors swirled about a possible preview of Dunkirk before a certain film set in a galaxy far, far away, and then /Film’s sources confirmed all the chatter: a seven-minute prologue of footage from Dunkirk will screen ahead of the Rogue One 70mm IMAX 2D showings. Thirteen theaters in ten states are showing Rogue One in this format, so if you’re a Nolan superfan, better start planning your travel itinerary accordingly. Both films have to do with gritty war drama (Dunkirk more so than Rogue One, probably), so we can see why Warner Bros. figured this would be a cool idea. And for those not a fan of all the grit, Rogue One will bring a lighter tone to relax us after the seven minutes of historical drama.

Rogue One opens in theaters December 16, and Dunkirk opens July 21, 2017.