There is a tribute band that made their own song that some of us can relate to during this pandemic. They kept the exact same beat as "Down With The Sickness" for their own Covid-19 parody. Except for the tribute band who goes by the name Stupify Disturbed-Tribute's version is called "(Not) Down With The Sickness" which is a parody. If you've been feeling the Covid-19 blues this is something that will turn your frown upside down. When I saw this video for the first time I couldn't stop laughing. All the lyrics relate to the pandemic situation we are all in due to Covid-19. This tribute band sure did hit all the right targets about the important things we're dealing with now. Just like the limit of Lysol spray cans you're allowed to purchase. Before you were able to buy as many as you would like but now, there is a limit.

I was amazed at how the vocals of Cory James sounded like such a close resemblance to David Draiman. Not only was Cory James's voice sounded alike but he still kept something that David Draiman let go of. The two piercings below his bottom lip. The idea these guys had for their Public Service Announcement is to spread awareness and help lighten the Covid-19 mood. But I must say they sure did one heck of a funny job on their Public Service Announcement parody. I hope the real band Disturbed have been able to see this generic version of themselves featured in the parody above.

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