Fresh off sitting in with Guns N' Roses in Las Vegas, former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach began a U.S. tour last week. But the second stop on the tour, at 37 Main in John's Creek, Ga., failed to delight a blogger, whose scathing review caught the attention of Bach, who took exception to the criticism and fired back at the writer.

Don De Leaumont, who runs a site called the Great Southern Brainfart, reportedly wrote that Bach's vocals were "so off key that I was waiting for Randy Jackson to come out saying, 'Yo dawg, that was a little pitchy.'" But his snark came with a tinge of sadness when he noted that, "It was really painful to see how this guy who at one time was one of my favorite metal singers in one of my favorite metal bands reduced down to such a circus side show. Even his band for the most part all had this look of disdain on their faces like they were barely happy to be even picking up a pay check from this gig."

The fireworks started yesterday (May 2) when De Leaumont posted the link to his site's Facebook page. Bach wrote "F--- you" and, two minutes later, "I can't wait to post video of this show so you can shove it up your a--hole. Stay the f--- away from me if you know what's good for you."

After an unverified account by someone called "Sebastian Bierk" -- Bach's birth name, wrote "F--- you again," De Leaumont responded with, "Wow. I really struck a nerve. The truth indeed must hurt. And yes, PRETTY PLEASE post videos from that show... ESPECIALLY "I Remember You." Comedy gold!" The two went back and forth for approximately two hours, with several of Bach's fans joining in the fray.

Bach's tour, which runs through June 3 in Salt Lake City, Utah, finds him changing things up a bit from previous excursions. He's opening up with a stripped-down set before he and his band "come back with the big guns." His memoir, 18 and Life on Skid Row, is expected to be released on June 28.

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