This San Antonio home has gone viral for its massive, and impressive, Star Wars theme holiday lights display. Watch the insane video here.

One of the best parts of the holiday season is driving down different streets on cold winter nights to see the best Christmas decorations in the city. One home in San Antonio is going viral for their amazing holiday light tribute to Star Wars, the biggest movie of the season. The home is decked out in over 15,000 lights and has a timed display, complete with music all themed around the Star Wars franchise.

The craziest part?

The people responsible for the light display don't even live in the home!

The couple were running in a half marathon when they passed the home and thought it would be the perfect backdrop for their over-the-top idea. Now the display has gone viral and people drive from all over to see the holiday spectacle. The light show will be running until New Year's, and if you can't make it to San Antonio you can check out the light display here.

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