When you think about Vinyl Records, chances are most of you think back to 45 singles and albums on vinyl from back when. That’s not necessarily the case as you would see with a visit to San Angelo’s new Sonny Records and More store.

Vinyl Records never completely went away and numerous artist continue to record their music on vinyl in addition to all of the current formats. There has also been a popular resurged interest in buying and collecting Vinyl Records for quite some time now.

Sonny Records and More actually opened back in late January of 2021 and are located at 1504 W. Beauregard Ave. Not only do they sell new and used vinyl records, but you’ll also find T-shirts, stickers, buttons, posters and more.

Sonny Records and More was envisioned by owner and operator Sonny Gammill. He would love for you to drop by and browse his store from noon-8 pm Tuesday through Saturday and noon-5 on Sunday.

When asked why bring the business here, Sonny said…”I picked San Angelo as a business location because I truly feel San Angelo is a strong place for music and art, and I believe it is undeniable. I want to be a part of that even if it is through the promotion of music. The support! The music and art community here is super rich. I wouldn’t have dreamed of the positive reaction I have received from vinyl enthusiast, local bands and artists as well as other business owners. I have connected and made more friends through the love of vinyl and music than ever before. Every customer young or older has specific and unique knowledge of their own music taste. It's not uncommon for a simple transaction to turn into a long conversation.”

They invite you to reach out to them at 325-213-4684 or email SonnyRecords2020@gmail.com.

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