This episode of Rockstar 101 has the whole band in the studio!

Shim wrapped up the Crucified Tour here in the city of El Paso, TX. They put on a great show on Saturday, and on Sunday, we recorded multiple episodes of Rockstar 101. This is the first of those episodes.

In this episode, Shim tells an amazing story about a family with a sick child, and a father who had a heart attack. Let's just say the folks at Drive Auto really stepped up.

Then, as much as we want to get into stories from the tour, we end up meeting the band. There's just too much to talk about with these guys, so we make sure we meet them appropriately.

Be on the look out for the next few episodes of Rockstar 101 as we did multiple episodes with the entire band and in the next episodes we dive straight into the debate... The Dirt vs Bohemian Rhapsody.

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