It's a bit delayed but Rockstar 101 episode 5 is now up and ready to be listened to! You can get the podcast wherever you get your podcasts, Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, etc. If you want a link to the podcast page, you can CLICK HERE. In this episode we:

  • Finally get around to getting all the details on the Crucified video. Last time we got distracted by unicorn helmets.
  • We talk about Papa Roach and just how great they are. And also, how they are somehow underrated.
    • Plus Shim has a story about Ben Burnley from Breaking Benjamin making the comment while Papa Roach was on stage about hating having to follow them because they put on such an amazing show.
  • And we talk about bands that we've never seen. Spoiler alert, it's Rage Against the Machine for both of us. Although we both have different stories about not seeing Rage Against the Machine. Mine involves a tour with the Wu Tang Clan, and Shim's has to do the the Big Day Out.

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