Whether you're attending a smaller-scale family gathering for the holidays this year or will be simply spending them on Zoom, gifts may be the last thing on your mind.

But if you are still planning on splurging a bit for your friends and family, then we've got you covered.

We know that things aren't the same this time around, but as for the rock and metalheads in your life, their love of music likely hasn't changed. From albums to limited-edition band merch, there were a ton of special releases this year, and they're guaranteed to bring more than just holiday cheer to diehard rockers.

AC/DC came out with a special version of their new album Power Up, which comes in a chargeable box that lights up and plays the lead single "Shot in the Dark" when activated. Linkin Park also released a massive 20th anniversary edition box set of their debut album Hybrid Theory.

Aside from band-specific gifts, we've also compiled some household items, such as a Fender cutting board, that rock enthusiasts will appreciate. Check out our 2020 holiday gift guide below — links are provided under each item for purchase.

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2020 Rock + Metal Holiday Gift Guide

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