Rob Zombie's music without a doubt has always inspired a visual element, from his onstage outfits to his music videos. With such a presence already, it only made sense that he would take his outlook into the world of film.

His movies are an extension of the dark side of America that inspires his music. Evil is working class and common, rarely otherworldy, and therefore making it even more terrifying. His choice in actors and actresses come from his circle of lovable weirdos and actors he respects, showing shared screen time between his wife Sherri-Moon Zombie and the likes of Malcolm McDowell and Rainn Wilson.

We looked through his filmography of seven movies and ranked them from weakest to strongest. Even in Zombie's misfires as a director, every choice he makes is deliberate and fearless, making him a constantly exciting director to watch.

See how we ranked Rob Zombie's movies below!

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