Filter is a multi-platinum band that had some of the biggest hits of the '90s with "Take a Picture" and "Hey Man Nice Shot". Richard Patrick is the lead singer and also the former guitarist from Nine Inch Nails.

In this wide-ranging interview we talk to Richard Patrick about a lot of topics and, as usual he doesn't hold anything back. He talks about Filter's latest album, the much more industrial-sounding "Crazy Eyes", about working on movies with his famous actor brother Robert Patrick, and his thoughts on bands that fake it when they're performing "live".

Richard also pulls no punches about what he thinks of Linkin Park's new pop-oriented sound. Also, he talks about what it's like to be dragged off an airplane, an experience he knows about first hand.

For our listeners in El Paso, Richard Patrick and Filter are playing Friday, April 14 at Ascarate Park at the Sun City Fair. Here's the interview:

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