Rammstein guitarists Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers made a statement onstage at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium, kissing in defiance of Russia’s anti-LGBT laws.

In 2013, Russian president Vladimir Putin passed the “gay propaganda” law, which is meant to protect children from being exposed to homosexuality as a “normal” lifestyle. “Propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships” to a minor can be punished with a fine, and foreigners can potentially be arrested and detained for up to 15 days before being deported.

Rammstein posted a photo of the kiss yesterday (July 30) with the caption, “Russia, we love you!”

Loudwire could not find details on age restrictions for the Moscow concert, though Rammstein’s Aug. 2 gig in St. Petersburg offers both all-ages and 18+ seating.

Though the idea of gay rights is fairly unpopular in Russia, support for sexual minorities recently hit a 14-year high point across the country. According to the Moscow Times, 47 percent of Russian respondents to a poll agreed that “gays and lesbians should enjoy the same rights as other citizens.” 43 percent of respondents disagreed.

When asked the same question in 2013, only eight percent of Russians agreed that LGBT individuals should enjoy the same rights as other citizens.

Rammstein have yet to see any repercussions from potentially breaking the “gay propaganda law.”

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