Without the ability to tour, drive-in concerts have become an increasingly popular way for artists to safely perform for their fans aside from livestream shows. Some groups, however, would prefer not to do them, including Rage Against the Machine. Bassist Tim Commerford thinks it would make them sellouts.

Rage Against the Machine were set to tour in 2020, which would've been their first time sharing a stage together since 2011. Obviously, the pandemic put a halt on their plans.

"Musicians got kicked to the curb, man," the bassist told TooFab. "It's stressful for me, just because I look at Rage and go, like, 'Fuck, we rely on an audience.' You go to Rage shows to see the audience as much as to see the band, and we need that. We're one of those bands that need that."

"We'll never be one of these sellouts that's gonna go play a drive-in show or play a venue that holds a hundred thousand people and there's only ten thousand people there," he affirmed. "That's bullshit. Rage will never do that. It's not a good show unless the audience is going off too. It's gotta be a shared experience."

Commerford expressed further disappointment regarding the tour cancelations, mainly because they were planning on making the shows extra special. "Without getting into it, we were doing things that we had never done before," he enthused.

Watch the full video below.

RATM's 2020 tour with Run the Jewels was rescheduled for later this year, and is still on as of now. See the dates here.

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