Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford isn’t too happy with Donald Trump’s election victory last week. Tim has actually written a piece for Team Rock where he doesn’t just compare Trump to Hitler, he says, “He is Adolf Hitler. He’s f—ing Adolf Hitler.”

The country is still in disarray following the 2016 presidential election. Hate crimes perpetuated by Trump supporters are being reported nationwide while those opposing Trump turned a Portland protest into a full-scale riot. Many are frightened to face Trump’s four upcoming years in office, including Commerford.

“I’m still digesting it,” Commerford writes. “I’m still gripped on the television screen, and I haven’t even put it all into perspective yet. I’m as shocked as most people in this country are. I’ve been talking to my sons today, and it’s scary times – it’s mind-boggling how many people voted for him, and just how f--ked up the whole system is. It’s messed up and it’s sad.”

The bassist continues, “I was saying this when they were running – and I’ve heard other people say it too – that he’s like Adolf Hitler. He is Adolf Hitler. He’s f—ing Adolf Hitler. And He. Is. Scary. All of us should be really scared, and all of us should be prepared for the worst … I fear for immigrants. I fear for Muslims. I fear for my children. The scary thing is, when you have children you tell them ‘Hey, look, don’t be a bully. Don’t say f—ed up things about women, don’t be a racist, don’t do these things’. And here we have a person who’s doing these things that our children get to see.”

You can check out the full piece over at Team Rock, where Tim comments on Trump’s potential policies, using music as a platform for change and much more.

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