People have said for many years that the building at 4180 N. Mesa where we do the morning show is haunted. Scott Ronson believed it was the spirit of a child. Monika has written about the phantom. Another station that we share the building with even claimed to have captured ghostly utterances (also known as EVP) on an audio recording.

So, yeah, the stories about our radio station being haunted are numerous and long-standing. I’ll admit, I’ve always been a skeptic. All gimcrack and bunkum, that’s what I’ve always said. But, now, I may have to become a true believer in the spirit realm. For we now have actual video evidence that a ghostly apparition does, in fact, haunt these halls.

WARNING! The following images are of a very scary nature. Sensitive readers may want to skip it. Also, I have to stretch this out to one hundred and fifty words. That’s why I included the warning. It’s also why I spelled out, “one hundred and fifty”. Twice.

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