With over 100 episodes of 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' it's hard to imagine there's many artists left to scratch off our lists, but believe us, we're nowhere near finished! When Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton and bassist Eddie Jackson swung by our studio, we had the chance to clear up some history regarding one of prog's greatest acts.

The band's history has been documented quite thoroughly over the years and anyone who has perused 'The Breakdown Room' forum (which closed on Dec. 23 last year), knows that there's likely very few stones left to turn over. Queensryche has always maintained a family-vibe, interacting with their fans and keeping a watchful eye over the forum.

With that said, we still dug up some untruths!

In this episode, we discuss the early days of the band and the glam image they had adopted, clearing up who was to blame for that as well as some interesting tidbits about the recording process of Rage for Order.

Moving forward, one of the most fascinating aspects came when Whip and Ed Bass recalled performing for the troops and their sleeping quarters came under fire from a nearby attack. With tanks to guide them to safety, fortunately nobody was hurt, but you'll have to watch the video above for the full story and more!

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