So who won Game of Thrones? Definitely not whoever was in charge of on-set continuity. Forget breaking the wheel; they were asleep at it for last few episodes.

First there was a coffee cup plainly visible in one scene two weeks ago. Then last night — on the last episode ever of the series, the show people had waited eight years to watch — there was a water bottle just hanging out on set. What is it with these guys and their drinks? People in Westeros are really thirsty.

You can spot it as clear as day (albeit very briefly) in a shot around 46:20, as the camera sweeps from left to right across the characters. At the very start of that shot, near Samwell Tarly’s foot, there it is:


If you want to see it in slow-motion, here it is, Zapruder film style. It’s back, and to the left of his foot:

Granted, it is there so briefly you have to be watching as closely as some Game of Thrones fans do to spot it. But these are still shocking gaffes, particularly on a show as expensively and carefully made as GoT, where every episode of this final season basically had the budget (not to mention the runtime) of a feature-length film. Perhaps the rigors of producing that much content made it easier for these sorts of errors to fall through the cracks.

Whatever reason, it’s there — at least until GBO digitally erases it. (They removed the coffee cup about a day or so after its appearance.) So get your screengrabs now while you still can.

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